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Re: Thoughts on Democracy and Discussion
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Why should values driven by facts? Values are philosophical constructs. For example, someone can oppose abortion because they see the value of a soon-to-be human life to be more important than the rights of the mother. That is not a question of facts.

Yes that's exactly my point.

And yes we all engage in motivated reasoning where we attempt to justify ones values based on facts. But that is wrong headed. The primary reason people do it is because they are unwilling to accept that others do not share their values and attempt to argue that the "values" are actually based on facts. It is self-deception that fools no one and leads to conflict.

Yes I think that's true.  But there's also nothing wrong with trying to justify a value (which is simply an idea) by using facts, that's argument 101, but the danger is when you selectively ignore facts to the contrary, and are too stubborn to change your views/values based on opposing evidence or logic because it's contrary to your preconceived notions.
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