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Re: Thoughts on Democracy and Discussion
« on: December 10, 2017, 06:46:56 pm »
In the past people were more compliant because they had no access to information that would allow them to challenge what they were told.

Well... hmmm.  We are starting to slip into weird reverse-time-travel-blaming here.  And with a leftist bent, too.

ie. 'The Greatest Generation' were loyal, brave, unquestioningly patriotic vs. 'The Vietnam War woke up America'... or something.

But interesting thinking nonetheless.

Now we have so much information that people have to choose the information to consider instead of accepting whatever is available. The side effect of too much choice is people are now choosing information based on what makes them feel comfortable which, in turn, has divided society into incompatible echo chambers that cannot communicate with each other because they can't agree on the basic facts.

People used to have proxies give the information to them, and could only debate facts that didn't align with their world-knowledge.

I agree with the second sentence completely, but it could be fixed if we had proxies who didn't try to use unfactual information.