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Re: Thoughts on Democracy and Discussion
« on: December 10, 2017, 11:06:20 am »
People are stupid.  People have very high levels of debt, people borrow on their credit cards at 20% interest.  People can't even get their own house in order which is a pretty simple thing, how are we to expect them to stay informed & make the best conclusions about policy from that information?  Look at the debt governments in the West have because people want it all now & ignore future problems caused by it.

The stupidity of people via their priority of short-term gratification despite the long-term consequences is destroying the world in many different ways.  Sure there's smart people who have their **** together but they're the minority.  When those long-term consequences come to bear there's going to be a shitstorm, and we saw it once with the 2008 global recession.  Expect these things to continue.

What good is majority rule when the majority are idiots, and the minority who have their **** together are made to suffer by the tyranny of the majority?  That old narrative of the elite capitalists making the working poor suffer as they steal their wealth & corrupt our democracy, yet we ignore the majority using government to steal our money via taxes & misspend it on dumb **** while racking up huge debt to support themselves & their feel-good projects.

Maybe government should be used to force regulation on the elites who exploit us, while at the same time focus on limited government to prevent the dumb majority from exploiting us.
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