Author Topic: Thanks for the Ignore List Idea  (Read 5486 times)

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Re: Thanks for the Ignore List Idea
« Reply #15 on: February 12, 2018, 08:30:26 am »
It's frustrating - now I found posts explicitly insulting black people.  Once word gets out, the forum will become infested with kooks.  Very sad...
Become? The infiltration happened about 18 months ago, in spite of my warnings and protestations. New people drive the production of radical content, whilst long-term members are complicit in its reproduction by validating those views with support. This is all allowed under a false notion of "free speech," whereby posters are allowed to make all of the racist insane comments they want and those who criticize those views for being racist and/or insane are the ones who face disciplinary action. This is not free speech because that would require the freedom to criticize people's views.

I've made no qualms about pointing out the source of this dysfunction. The primary moderator is a conspiracy-loving anarchist. His perspective on things is why criticism is punished (protects conspiracies) and why trolls are allowed to post insane things without punishment (anarchism and conspiracy bend). If Greg was interested in a functioning forum, rather than a soapbox for racists and radicals, he would have taken the intelligent posters complaints very seriously. He didn't and there you are now, wondering wtf happened to MLW.
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