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Re: Suggestions?
« Reply #45 on: November 19, 2017, 05:16:32 pm »
Not sure if you guys want to here from Greg from the other forum but i told him i would relay a message from him. he seems interested in improving the Other site, he has already got rid of hot enough, and is will to make other changes to bring back the old posters such as yourselfs. .......below is Gregs comments...he has set up a private posting room to discuss anything about the forum.

Ok, I absolutely do not want to lose more people, and I'd like a few of those posters to return.

I just need a few level headed members who can provide feedback to me on things that are particularly troublesome in the forums.

How about this... I'll start a private club and then we can invite some of these disgruntled members (the one's that have left) to come into the club and share their thoughts with me privately.

Some folks, particularly those that have left, think I don't care what they think... they're wrong.  I want to make this forum a welcoming place for everyone, it's just that whenever there was a particular thread that was started by someone who was pissed off about something (another poster, moderation action, etc) it almost always devolved into a negative **** show - with little valuable that I can actually act on.

If you could relay  that message back to those you've been in contact with, I'd really appreciate it.

as this appears in 2 separate threads, I'll take the liberty of adding my reply to both:

bullshyte! Thread after thread included hundreds of posts from dozens of MLW members raising concerns - absentee landlord "Greg" chose to ignore those threads; chose to rely on the continuing failed moderation that was at the heart of why many, many posters left MLW... some now present here. All the feedback he presumes to ask for now is present in those threads. Comments from some of the current members here who still, on occasion check in at MLW, suggest nothing has changed in terms of the failed ChasMan moderation. Get stuffed Greg.