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Re: News
« Reply #120 on: December 05, 2020, 11:15:13 pm »
the moronic member squiggy interprets the following single sentence as, "the waldo shitting his pants" & "the waldo losing his ****"
if the lil'Phacker member squiggy is now a MOD, please to rescind his dumbTagin' powers - thanks in advance!

My first act as mini-Mod will be to start deleting Waldo’s posts.  (I knew Waldo would **** his pants if I became a mod...)


It’s funny that you lost your **** when you thought I’d be a mini-mod....   You need fuckin’ therapy!  Losing your **** over all those ‘informative’ posts of yours...  Gee-zazzz.

and member squiggy, if only you had kept your yap shut you'd be that mini-mod you so aspire to - so close, hey!  You coulda been a contender! ;D