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« Reply #120 on: December 05, 2020, 12:04:16 am »
don't be member squiggy - dumb the post... not the member! And it is the member squiggy's trolling go-to - one easily showcased by the forum's stat numbers. The member squiggy has taken exception to the waldo presenting those stats in the past - revealing his trollish petulant nature. By the by, nothing was sweeter than watching member squiggy wig-out to having his own posts dumbTagged!  ;D

and member kimmy, at least 2 other members have griped about member squiggy's trollingDumbTagin! Ya see, when a member, any member, puts an effort into researching a topic and then posting on that research, nothing says member squiggy is an AzzHole like having him purposely tag a post as dumb. Now the waldo does not give a flyingPhack that the AzzHole does this to the waldo... it's the fact it's a trolling action, one done purposely by member squiggy! Such an Azzhole!
When’s the last time I ‘dumb’ tagged you, you whiny hypocrite?

hey brainiac, what does it make you when you actually 'announce' you'll no longer tag my posts Dumb; that instead you'll tag them as Informative? Yes, that's right; it makes you a bigTimeMoron!
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