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Re: News
« Reply #75 on: December 02, 2020, 02:07:37 pm »
Spamming the forum will apparently not be tolerated, so I've deleted several unnecessary topics.

Were any of the threads deleted, my current threads or those that were active with replies by other forum members? If so then please let me know which of them you considered to be spamming?

In the future, is criticism of US foreign policy and the US in general going to be permitted?

If your deleting of what you consider to be spam is legitimate or perhaps eliminating outdated threads, then thank you for starting back as an active moderator of the forum. Also, if you are going to come back as an active moderator, would it be advisable to drop the current situation of everybody being able to do their own moderating. IMHO, it's not a policy that is amenable to growing the forum. Thanks for your consideration of my suggestions.

p.s. by asking I'll be able to understand better that which you consider offensive.

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