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This sounds like an excellent modification. We will see how it works in practice, but it seems to solve many problems. If you really want a topic, then create it and those who are interested will participate. You are responsible for handling trolls yourself. Over time we will see how individuals moderate their own topics, and then we can decide if we want to participate in any of their future topics. In a small forum like this (where we know everyone) it should work out well, although it may not scale to a large forum.

Agreed on all counts and yes we shall see how it works out.  I'm sure you would have liked the option to kill off the troll that recently hijacked your avatar, whoever that was. And personally I am not so concerned with the size of the forum scaling up as much as I am with it keeping it's sanity. I dial into that "other place" every once in awhile which is certainly larger but you have to sift through so much nonsense it simply becomes a waste of time, and the moderatio9n is so obviously biased. I feel optimism for this new approach. TTFN.