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Re: Let's Invite Smart People here
« Reply #30 on: June 09, 2019, 09:16:53 am »
What happens on any forum is that you will not attract fresh blood if there is no genuine debate or free flow of ideas? There is no point of a forum if the same few members cluster phack  on the same views. So  we must ask ourselves are the discussions on this board or any board seeking new members flee flowing and if not why not?  Or have have they bogged  down to the same few  posters trying to impose their ideology on the board and if so why....

Surely  to attract "smart" members they need to see respectful free flowing debate  You ever notice when any of us  becomes a regular on a forum we develop this familiarity of contempt  for other regulars and short cut our responses with insults and !!!! marks or comments like "that's bull ****" and ending the comment there?

I would suggest we have to push each other on any site to explore different opinions in debate. Debate is a great thing  but it requires we avoid personal attacks and actually want to take time to consider the other side of an argument not dismiss it without thought.
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