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Re: Host Censorship
« Reply #90 on: February 13, 2021, 07:15:10 pm »
MLW imploded due to poor moderation.  Some users were suspended or banned for nonsensical reasons in "ban-hammer" sprees, others were allowed to keep posting with impunity with no punishment even though they were clearly breaking the rules.  Many threads are locked simply due to "thread drift".  Imagine silencing all constructive discussion in a thread simply because some of it was "off-topic.

Given this, quite a few people left and came here.  I have no problem with banning or suspending problem posters, but it has to be done fairly and logically.  Power corrupts.

Ah I see now.  No, I disagree with almost everything you said.  I don't think that this place has anything to do with it either.  There are just more bad posters around.

So you said: "They are not creatures of the age of reason.  They are interested in winning and imposing their culture on others."

I agree many rightwing posters are like this.  But many people on the left, including some on this forum, are like this as well.  We're in the middle of a culture war right now.  We always have been but it's just cranked up to 10 recently.  Most Trumpites and SJW's have the same agenda: winning and imposing their culture on others.  I'm in no way immune to this.  Politics is about power.  It's about controlling our laws, policies, narratives, culture etc.  For many people, listening to the other side often just gets in the way of this.

Really ?  If you are aware of this problem and still doing it, I guess you are worse than others. 

Myself, I like this thing called political process.  It requires people who are just a little bit smart, though, and that can be a problem.  But the real problem is that it requires people to not think of themselves first and foremost in every situation.

But ok.

Also I don't think ANYONE here is an SJW or a Trumpite unless I'm mistaken.