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Re: Host Censorship
« Reply #90 on: July 03, 2019, 12:18:33 pm »
I just noticed this thread.  As you know I have been trying to make serious efforts to improve the quality of dialogue on this forum. In an effort to continue that.. here are some web-sites that can help you.

This one provides words you can use. (my favourite is meat flap)

This one can help you understand the origins (etiology) of some of these words:

Now given the difficulty on another thread on the origins of the word "genocide" and how it has been  used I recommend you need to refer to the above article on origins and in particularI will provide an except from it:
**** probably derived from Proto-Germanic, as it was likely present in Old English, and the letter “t” is shared with the Old Frisian kunte, the Old Icelandic kunta, and the Middle Low German kunte. Both the Latin and Germanic derive from Indo-European root words, however, as do the Greek kusos and the Sanskrit kutchi, meaning “ditch.” The word became common in the 13th and 14th centuries, with the red light districts of English towns often being called “Gropecuntlane.” However, the word also appeared in surnames like Clawecunte, Sitbithecunte, and Fillecunt.

The first written usage of “****” in the modern sense comes from the 1325 Proverbs of Hendyng, a collection of moral and religious advice in which women are told to, “Give thy cunte wisely and ask for marriage.” A 1440 medical document uses it as a technical term, saying, “In wymmen the necke of the bladdre is schort, & is maad fast to the cunte.” In the mid-19th century, the word was a derogatory term for both men and women but steadily developed its misogynistic edge in the 20th century. It was rarely seen in print until relatively modern times, being left out of the Oxford English Dictionary when it was first compiled."

In an effort to make amends to all women on this forum if the above offends may I suggest they can use these words to describe those of us with testes:

sock fluid
Steven Segal
Harvey Weinstein
Daniel Baboon
drooler ape
detergent resistant
pouch monkey
urinal backfire
flesh eating disease
battery licker
non savante idiot
direction challenged sperm (dcp)

My mission is done for today and may I say I am pleased to see Omni found this "dumb".
You are welcome Omni I hope that wasn't too long  a response.

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