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Re: Host Censorship
« Reply #30 on: May 08, 2017, 01:42:53 pm »
Something similar happened to me there...

Someone posted a reference to an article. I pointed out the fact that the source of the article was poor (something that even one of the co-moderators had done on occasion). My posting was deleted, but I didn't get the warning. I assumed I made a mistake in posting so I re-posted my comment, and got suspended.

Have to say, at least one of the moderators there has become a complete and total idiot.

I had something similar as well. I logged in and went into a thread and responded to the most previous post that had been made by the "Head Troll" ( I think might know who I mean...all things Canadian ) before I realized that he/she had completely derailed the thread. My bad I guess for not reading up the page before responding. Guess who got suspended? Not the troll who had done the initial derailment. And that member seems to get away with same constantly.