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Re: Host Censorship
« Reply #15 on: April 05, 2017, 01:42:15 pm »
That's the common denominator because that is one of the mods in a nutshell. These are his kinfolk: irrational conspiracy theory loving gadflies.

I've got to imagine the other two mods just banging their heads on a brick wall at this point.

For as wrong as I think you are about immigration, at least you're not an imbecile. You have honest discussions, even if I think some of your views are stupid. In other words, you don't troll and I wouldn't call you a troll even though I disagree with many of the things you say. But that's not what the majority of posts are over there now.

And even if these people honestly believe the nonsensical garbage that they post, that's irrelevant. You don't claim to have a forum for intelligent discussion and then turn around and foster bottom-of-the-barrel conspiracy trash.

I was recently chastised by the mod you speak of for simply hounding one of those gadfly's (the most recent 9-11 one) to try and answer a couple of pertinent questions that he obviously couldn't/wouldn't,  and that made his conspiracy theory look a little thin. I didn't realize there was such a conspiracy to protect conspiracy theories, but I'm seeing it now.