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Re: Goodbye CPE
« Reply #45 on: January 14, 2022, 12:44:32 am »
I just wanted to say goodbye.  Iíve enjoyed my short period of time here.  But I canít participate in a forum where people that youíre discussing issues with can arbitrarily decide to delete your posts.  I enjoyed catching up with old faces, especially kimmy and waldo.  Yes even waldo.  Iíd love to stay, but itís obvious that certain opinions in this forum will be handicapped, simply because somebody doesnít like their point of view.  Take care, and stay safe.

if you create a thread, you have daPower! In this particular unfortunate event, member squiggy, as creator of the respective thread, nuked squiggedOut some of member Shady's posts... most unfortunate!
member quickDrawSquiggy... notice how member Shady is calm, collected and reserved in allowing your posts to stand in 'his' thread? Do the right thing member Squiggy - do the right thing! Follow member Shady's lead... leave member posts as they stand - sure you can!

oh noooos! Looks like that lil' phacker Squiggy has done it again by deleting member Plugs Shady's posts in the 'January 6' thread. C'mon squiggy, get a grip! The waldo is shocked you didn't just fall back on your tried&true dumbTaggin' his posts - instead you stoopidly chose the nuclear option - wassup, hey!
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