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Re: Goodbye CPE
« on: April 16, 2020, 12:41:49 am »
Several people on this forum are intolerant of opinions to the right of their own.  Diversity is our strength, unless it's diversity of opinion, then it's STFU & go eff yourself.

These opinions trigger you guys so hard the insults just start flying out of your mouths.  So much anger, resentment.  Debate turns to arse when emotions get involved.

measured intolerance versus stooopid moderation. Deleting anyone's posts shouldn't be... tolerated! Of course, certain members can be a 'bear' at times; engage to a point - if you're painfully outmatched/outwitted/bettered, then pull a member Shady (i.e., "agree to disagree"). In any case, if you believe you're being repeatedly spammed (as was the said excuse given), ignore it and move on... what point does deleting another member's posts make?

member SelfIso, if only we all had your mettle to never... ever... throw down an insult!  ;D
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