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Re: Find New Membership
« Reply #45 on: November 11, 2017, 01:25:13 pm »
I think we all came here with the same dream. That dream: to find a better message board.  A message board with less conspiritards, less USA-USA trolls, less Turkish state propaganda, less idiots, less mentally-ill people with keyboards.

FFS: It's FEWER not 'less'.  Fewer grammar dolts, not LESS grammar dolts.

I think BC is smart but most left-of-centres hate him because he bothers their nationalist sensibilities.  Go figure on THAT one... Anyway, he has a lot of knowledge, and fills in nationalist blind spots, which I like.  But it's too much USA USA, as you imply, and the moderators could never get on the same page as to how to tag that.  He is/was the #1 poster on walking the line with regards to rules.  Oddly, he hated MY guts and refused to deal with me as a mod.  I suspect it was because I found the contradiction in his value system after years of looking and he took a little snit.  It's good to believe in something, and I envy him for believing in his country.

We didn't come to create an ideological echo chamber. We came to create a new home where we can talk about our differences without having to talk about why WTC7 fell on its own or why Turkey is actually the ultimate evolution of human governance.

The 9/11 and slipper Nazis are fully free to f*** off.  The Turkish teen is annoying and I would have suspended her more but still brings a different perspective at least.

But, yes, you have laid out the floor plan for this tawdry meeting place quite nicely.