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Re: Administration.
« Reply #15 on: March 04, 2022, 07:20:04 am »
again, posted in this thread... cause you keep deleting my response in "your claimed ownership" thread!

You often make fun of peoples looks or their sexual orientation. 

But not in my threads.

fun of people's looks? Often? The waldo calls bullshyte on the desperateForDramaSquiggy! Most definitely I've had a run against helmetHairHarper... but, c'mon, that's in sync with all the attacks against PM Trudeau's hair - tit-for-tat, hey! Beyond that you'll need to offer the waldo a refresher... you can do that, right?

as for your claim the waldo makes fun of anyone's sexual orientation, that sir, that is a gDamLie you desperateForDramaSquiggy! Prove me wrong, hey!

you obviously hold "YOUR claimed" threads as tight as you do the pearls you clutch over YOUR perceived slights in "YOUR claimed" threads!

still waiting member squiggy... still waiting!