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Re: Administration.
« Reply #15 on: February 25, 2022, 07:13:56 pm »
Waldo - your post was removed because youíre trolling.  Making fun of peopleís looks.  Go do that in your own threads. Itís a safer space for you to be a troll.  Youíre not safe in my threads.

the waldo is quite amenable to giving you the drama you seek! There was no troll... the post asked a rather innocuous question about a provided image... a side-by-side image of CPC MP Lantsman & Elvis Presley... each prominently showing a, as it's known, pompadour hairstyle. The simple question asked: "who did/does it better"? Nothing more, nothing less! From that rather lighthearted post, you chose to infer trolling; you chose to infer looks were being made fun of. You chose to delete the same post - now 3 times as you've actually deleted it from this thread as I asked for clarification... asked why you chose to delete it.

You often make fun of peopleís looks or their sexual orientation. 

But not in my threads.

fun of people's looks? Often? The waldo calls bullshyte on the desperateForDramaSquiggy! Most definitely I've had a run against helmetHairHarper... but, c'mon, that's in sync with all the attacks against PM Trudeau's hair - tit-for-tat, hey! Beyond that you'll need to offer the waldo a refresher... you can do that, right?

as for your claim the waldo makes fun of anyone's sexual orientation, that sir, that is a gDamLie you desperateForDramaSquiggy! Prove me wrong, hey!

you obviously hold "YOUR claimed" threads as tight as you do the pearls you clutch over YOUR perceived slights in "YOUR claimed" threads!
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