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Re: Administration.
« on: February 24, 2022, 08:45:01 pm »
further to member squiggy's driveForDrama, the waldo interprets the need for a concise & precise definition of trolling... one that can ultimately reach consensus among participating members. The liberal way member squiggy has been throwing around the label troll lacks reference. Perhaps member squiggy could get things rolling by providing his personal determiner - just what makes member squiggy offer-up his most plaintive cry of, 'troll' - what say you driveForDramaSquiggy?

wait now waldo, isn't one aspect of being a troll the wanton pursuit of drama along with a drive to purposely irritate other persons and an intent to provoke reaction to engage in 'argument' rather than discussion? Geezaz waldo, that reads like member squiggy - to a tee!   
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