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Re: Administration.
« on: February 24, 2022, 08:24:40 pm »
Waldo - your post was removed because youíre trolling.  Making fun of peopleís looks.  Go do that in your own threads. Itís a safer space for you to be a troll.  Youíre not safe in my threads.

the waldo is quite amenable to giving you the drama you seek! There was no troll... the post asked a rather innocuous question about a provided image... a side-by-side image of CPC MP Lantsman & Elvis Presley... each prominently showing a, as it's known, pompadour hairstyle. The simple question asked: "who did/does it better"? Nothing more, nothing less! From that rather lighthearted post, you chose to infer trolling; you chose to infer looks were being made fun of. You chose to delete the same post - now 3 times as you've actually deleted it from this thread as I asked for clarification... asked why you chose to delete it.

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