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Re: YVR shooting
« Reply #30 on: May 26, 2021, 12:14:49 pm »
How much are you prepared to spend. I'm sure the police would like more drones as well.
How much are we spending after the fact in terms of investigations, inquiries, trials, preventing/putting down riots in the wake of policing disasters etc etc?

On another very related note I was calling for wearable police-cams about 20 years ago and pretty much calling for the same things for their political masters - our representatives IOW - for the very same reasons, transparency and accountability.  I suspect we would have moved a long way down the road of policing reforms by now if we'd done that too.  Our world would be a very very different and I think less dysfunctional place from our perspectives as governed people - people in power of course would have hated it at first.  By now though they'd be thinking little of it and taking it in stride the way police wearing cameras do.  Just about the most systemic wrong bar none in our society is the official avoidance of transparency and accountability on all levels and more so the higher up you go.  Police are just the tip of the inverted ice-berg parked above us.
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