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Re: YVR shooting
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Little known 100% true fact about Graham:  I was once a gang member.

Myself and about 4 friends in my class formed the gang while we were in elementary school.  We didn't plan or commit any criminal activities, it was more like a social club.  We just thought it would be cool and impress the ladies (it didn't).  We had a gang name, and everyone had to do a specific non-criminal, non-sexual deed in order to gain entry as a member.

One time one of the guys in the gang was being as jerk so we kicked him out of the gang.  His feelings were hurt after being exiled.  Our teacher caught wind of it and made the decision to force us to break up the gang.  Our parents were informed.  The gang only existed for about a month in total.

Moral of the story:  join a gang, it's fun.
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