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Re: YVR shooting
« Reply #30 on: May 25, 2021, 05:08:15 pm »
The Indo-Canadian gangs have been shooting each other up at an alarming rate lately on the Lower Mainland.  The latest one was at the Vancouver International Airport in front of several witnesses, in broad daylight outside a relatively busy terminal.

The police were shot at.  The criminals took off in a Honda Pilot, which the police failed in their attempts to stop, or even to follow.  They got away clean.  They found the vehicle several hours later burnt up.

What stellar police work.[/sarcasm]

It makes me realize the severe lack of security that is at our biggest airport where someone can shoot the place up and get virtually no resistance from the cops on site.  And the cops responding failed to come close to capturing them.   Iím pretty sure Vancouver has a police helicopter somewhere?  Maybe at YVR???

There are very few ways in and out of Sea Island where YVR is located. 

Extremely pathetic law enforcement response.

Defunding the police should help this problem lol.

Airports are usually crawling with cops and border peeps with guns.  How do you shoot someone at an airport and get away?  It's laughable.  It's a mother effing airport, you'd think there would be, like, police helicopters or something around there.  I get that they didn't want to open fire and start a gun battle in a busy public but all you need is a copter.

I spent a July 4th once on the US west coast.  We went out to watch fireworks.  They had police helicopters roaming the skies in the city overhead anticipating bad stuff going down.  I thought it was pretty crazy, it also wasn't the safest area in the US.  It felt like a movie.  That's obviously not the society I want to live in either, but it goes to show how the US and Canada can go from one extreme to another in police enforcement.
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