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Re: Wreck of Saskatchewan
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Wrong times a thousand billion. Carbon taxes go to pay for things we all need, and to invest in alternative energies.
Irrelevant. The issue is if someone believes that higher fossil prices is good they have no business demanding that governments do something to lower prices. Higher prices are good no matter what the reason if climate change is the real issue. What is really happening is shameless politicking because politicians know that support for "action" on climate change disappears as soon as people are asked to make sacrifices so they focus on wasting money on pointless gestures that don't do enough to have any real effect on consumer behavior. We are seeing that hypocrisy on full display in BC where politicians whine about the carbon emissions from oil pipelines and while asking for federal help on gas prices. A little tip: if people in BC really want lower gas prices they could stop trying to screw over their major supplier of oil.
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