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Re: Wreck of Saskatchewan
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"engineers and project managers" --- please provide citation showing recognized organizations/associations of your stated, "engineers and project managers", that have declared broad & complete positions against the need for CO2 emission reduction... that have declared specific positions against particular CO2 mitigating emission reduction policies.
Who cares what politically motivated professional societies may have to say? What matters are the result of cost analysis done by qualified people (i.e. people who will be held responsible if a project fails) on different possible CO2 reduction strategies. Some strategies may be useful but expensive (nuclear). Some may be expensive and useless (solar/wind because of the need for backup power).

Whether you want to believe it or not the numbers don't add up and the proof is in the lack of any real progress. If reducing CO2 emissions was an economically viable option there would be no political opposition. It would be just be done.