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Re: Wreck of Saskatchewan
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So if you took your car to 100 auto mechanics and 97 of them said you needed new brakes you would ignore them because you didn't want to believe you needed new brakes. That's dumb.
You are really having a problem the concept of relevant expertise. When it comes to determining whether spending money on car repairs is cost effective then mechanics have relevant expertise. This is why a mechanic will tell you to fix your your breaks but not to rebuild in the engine block because of a small oil leak. Climate scientists have none of that kind of knowledge, training or data. They have a bunch of unverifiable computer models that indicate that CO2 might be a problem in the future. They have no knowledge of how the energy system works or negative consequences of eliminating fossil fuels. The people who do that have expertise are the engineers and project managers working in energy development and distribution. They are only people that could credibly claim that CO2 reductions are economically viable.
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