Author Topic: Why are we subsidizing property taxes of millionaires?  (Read 1509 times)

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Okay, I agree with that. People who rent apartments generally don't pay too close attention to property taxes because it has an indirect effect on them. I don't agree with your overly simplistic idea of supply and demand when it comes to rentals though.

It's also a bit harder to control rent in bc vs the prairies due to extremely limited building space.  Rents go up in the prairies and it's a bit easier to pop up an apartment complex or build houses.  Once again the prices are reflective of demand.  People want to live in bc and there is limited space to build and demand has to unfortunately be rationed.  That's why I'm hopeful for an increase of high speed internet on prairies so that people don't have to be going to the office and can work at home and are able to have more options of where they live.