Author Topic: Why are we subsidizing property taxes of millionaires?  (Read 1476 times)

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It's funny how you note that CO2 tax gets passed on to the consumer (which is true depending on a number of factors that influence how much people are willing to pay for a thing), but you don't see that property tax is rolled into the cost of rent.
I made it clear that taxes impact the cost of rent. I just said that people paying rent don't realize that they are paying taxes and this matters because people tend to be less concerned about rising taxes if they do not realize that they are paying them. The same goes for carbon caps or any other scam designed to pretend to do something to reduce CO2 emissions.

All businesses "charge what the market will bear" on all goods. It just so happens that people need shelter to survive, so they're willing to pay whatever it costs in most cases (unless they relish the idea of living on the streets).
And when rents go up there is an incentive for more people to offer more rental housing which brings rents down. This is not true with property taxes which keep going up year after year.