Author Topic: What you need to get a Tim Horton's  (Read 1386 times)

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Re: What you need to get a Tim Horton's
« on: January 12, 2018, 06:08:48 am »
Is the government obliged to ensure that the fast food business thrives or is it responsible for the economy overall ?

The macro economic situation doesn't seem to be addressed here, ie that many millions of dollars will go to the lowest earners and biggest spenders.  Whatever THEY spend money on will see more revenues.

I am not taking sides on this issue, as I think it is a drastic experiment in reverse trickle-down, however the immaturity of the economic arguments (in general, not on here) means that a lot of questions aren't being considered.

Instead, I am seeing a lot of facebook posts about what people 'deserve', ie. 'greedy' franchise owners vs. 'undeserving' workers etc. etc. etc.

It's an economy, people.