Author Topic: Victoria says good bye to Sir John A  (Read 855 times)

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Re: Victoria says good bye to Sir John A
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What about if we had a dialogue about keeping it in return for doing something truly important for first Nations people?

Why the **** should we have to bribe some native activists in order to keep a statue to the founder of the nation?

Everyone knows the problems with natives are the damned reserves. They're designed for an eighteenth century people and most have no economic reason to exist. That gives their people nothing to do but sit around drink, fornicate, get into fights and trouble, and cash their monthly cheques. Nothing else matters until this is addressed.

As for history. I'm not into apologizing or making reparations for something someone did before I or even my ancestors were even here. The natives were overwhelmed by a more powerful group of newcomers like just just about every other people on the planet at one time or another. Get over it. They weren't treated nearly as badly as so many of those other peoples, who were annihilated, and no longer exist. Which, by the way, was how they treated their opponents when they conquered them.
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