Author Topic: Vancouver passes Manhattan and San Francisco!  (Read 330 times)

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Re: Vancouver passes Manhattan and San Francisco!
« on: November 10, 2017, 11:13:32 pm »
What happens to our economy if our population is kept stable?

If I may I would suggest the numbers tell much of the story. We live on a larger land mass than the US with ~10% of the population, and  Even in our most populated cities, relatively low population density hampers infrastructure development. Then of course we have all those wide open spaces where we still have to build connecting highways, railroads, airports etc. Increase that density and the tax base, infrastructure improves as costs per capita go down. And then of course we are blessed with an abundance of natural resources, successful education/healthcare systems, a reputation as one of the most desirable country's to emigrate too, and we produce some of the best hockey players to have ever swung a CCM stick at a piece of frozen black rubber. So I'd say growth is worthwhile as well as inevitable. If we're not having babies then we need to bring them in. Of course we have to vet them, but we do. And having been lucky enough to have traveled to many of the far corners, I'm not afraid of people simply because they have a different skin color. My grade 8 public school teacher was as black as your boot, and a brilliant teacher, so I guess I got off to a good start.