Author Topic: Vancouver passes Manhattan and San Francisco!  (Read 830 times)

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Re: Vancouver passes Manhattan and San Francisco!
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Perhaps you missed what I pointed out as to how our immigration policy requires 60% of those coming here to qualify for the  economic category.

I don't care if they all have multiple PHDs. The economic success rate of immigrants continues to deteriorate. You bring in a guy with a masters in engineering and expect him to work when he can't speak English? Not going to happen. The Tories thought degrees was the way to go, but the professional ranks in Canada have a very high insistence on superior communication skills. Taxi driver English won't cut it. You have to digest and regurgitate complex technical information in English, in writing and orally.

One of the main reasons the immigrants with the highest economic success come from Europe, India and the Philippines is because there is a very high exposure to English in those areas. Far higher than what you see in the middle east, China and north africa.
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