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Re: Toronto the Corrupt
« on: November 02, 2020, 01:02:40 pm »
Here is an older article illustrating that LIE-berals are so bad at business they could not run a chip truck at a profit- not even if you gave them the potatoes for free!  With some comments of my own in brackets):

    How Presto makes our money disappear

First posted: Thursday, October 13, 2016 05:49 PM EDT | Updated: Thursday, October 13, 2016 05:52 PM EDT

    Teens and Presto to blame for fare evasion: TTC union boss

(IN related news- TTC lost at least $67 million dollars to fare evasion in 2018! Its all related to sloppy security and broken Presto card readers! All this mess is owned by its LIE-beral creators!)
    TTC rider trips in 2016 fall short of target

(Lack of reliability and huge over crowding are the obvious reasons why TTC ridership is not growing as planned! TTC can lure new riders by being very fast or very reliable or very cheap- and TTC is AVOIDING these three possible solutions like the plague!)

    Controls, not firings, bring Metrolinx accountability: Del Duca
    Metrolinx slapped with new spending, oversight rules

(Metrolinx got embroiled in spending scandals - as LIE-beral run political entities so often seem to do and when Minister Del Duca whined- Metrolinx brass basically told him to stuff it!! So now Metrolinx spends a little more discreetly- but assorted contract cost over runs and delays CONTINUE!)

It’s equally amusing and horrifying to hear Metrolinx and the Toronto Transit Commission talk about the ever-increasing costs to taxpayers of the Presto transit card.

As if an electronic card for paying transit fares was some strange, new, cutting-edge technology that only their collective wisdom and expertise can magically put into the hands of commuters.

As if Hong Kong hasn’t had the Octopus card and New York the MetroCard since 1997.

As if London, England hasn’t had the Oyster card since 2003 and Chicago the Chicago card, (now replaced by the Ventra card) which became fully operational in 2005.

And yet in Toronto and the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, the roll-out of the Presto card, as its known locally, has been an ongoing financial horror show.   

(Toronto city hall morons were told that Presto was the most costly and least reliable type of system available and pressed on with it anyway! Since then Presto has generated a host of repair costs and endless complaints from passengers who cannot use their costly cards in broken card readers! And we have had endless EXCUSES and evasions of truth regarding just how many card readers actually function on any given day!)

In 2012, former Ontario auditor general Jim McCarter reported it was already, “among the more expensive fare-card systems in the world.”

At the time, McCarter said its initial cost estimate of about $250 million was already pushing towards $700 million.

Why? McCarter said Metrolinx, the province’s regional transportation authority, decided not to tender out the work for the Presto card, choosing instead to stick with one vendor and expanding the contract as changes were required.

(This sounds like another version of the old MSP computer scandal that rocked Toronto Silly Hall about 20 years ago!)

This even after, as McCarter reported, the contractor failed to meet almost a third of 22 performance standards in 2011.

(So what else is new? Almost half of the smart chargers that LIE-berals PAID to install around Toronto for the convenience of electric Toy car owners as of late 2018- were either broken or still not installed! With British Columbia LIE-berals experiencing similar screw ups with their govt electric Toy charger contract!)

(There are some things govt - especially LIE-berals - cannot do! And screwing with computers is one of them -as the old MSP scandal, the ONGOING E-health computerized record system mess and federal Phoenix computer pay system and the costly Presto mess have PROVED!)

Metrolinx not only didn’t pursue penalties available to it under its contract, McCarter said, but failed to keep a record of the card’s reliability, provided for in the contract.

(This cynic suggests there was no pursuit of penalties and no reliability records kept due to wise Hogs wanting to keep their SH+T under wraps! Hogs do not consider it any of our business what they do with OUR cash!)

As McCarter wrote in 2012: “We believe that tendering would, at the very least, have informed Metrolinx of potential new developers and whether other vendors might have had more cost effective technology solutions.”

(Based on the lack of success of LIE-beral tendering process for installing fast chargers for electric Toy cars- a tender process WILL NOT HELP - it is the judgement of LIE-berals that is the problem!)

Indeed, the roll out of the Presto card, which is supposed to integrate all public transit systems in the GTHA, has been painfully slow and costly.

In the latest fiasco, we now learn the Toronto roll out of the Presto card is also over budget, with Ontario’s Liberal government and the TTC debating about why, while the province is unwilling, at this point, to estimate the final cost.

That is, if it ever gets completed, given Presto’s long, sorry history of waste and delay.

(Now that LIE-berals are gone and Ford govt is in talks to take over TTC - one has to ask just how hard TTC and Metrolinx will be working to repair the Presto mess? Can we expect they will be happy to dump their mess on Ford and then turn it into an election issue in 2022 - with our civil service union Hogs blaming Ford for being slow to clean up THEIR MESS?)

(It certainly SOUNDS like a LIE-beral plan!)

(For Ford- another concern would be DELIBERATE UNDER FUNDING of TTC pension plan!!! In 2012 Cdn news media STOPPED REPORTING on how deeply into debt ALL civil service pension plans had fallen into the RED! News media stopped telling us things like how 97 percent of ALL defined benefit plans in Canada are SERIOUSLY UNDERFUNDED-apparently because LIE-berals do not want us to be frightened by such ugly news!)

(And how serious is this pension deficiency? Consider that General Motors pensioners have dealt with THREE downgrades of their pension!! Consider that Sears employees have discovered that their pension IS GONE!)

(Consider that when Durham Region decide to amalgamate the various local municipal transit systems - the city of Osshawa spent at least a million dollars arguing that the Region was responsible for making up the Oshawa transit workers pension short fall - that Oshawa had been under funding for decades!)

(We can surely expect a similar selfish pension move by Toronto council if Ford seeks full control of TTC!! This is the price of LIE-beral waste and shameless vote buying- slimy politicians scurrying like rats looking for a hole to bury their responsibility in!)