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Re: Toronto Pride, 2018 version
« on: July 23, 2018, 03:27:19 pm »
I strongly support the democratic right of people to march as much as I might disagree with them. As long as they do not promote violence or hatred it is essential in a democratic state this freedom of expression can occur.

That said and not being gay, I ultimately believe it is the gay community not me who must take back control of gay pride. As a straight person when I was younger I went to many pride parades to support my gay friends some of whom were firemen and cops and paramedics and soldiers.

Then it changed and not just people like me but many gay people turned away from gay pride and its a shame. Its supposed to break down barriers and form a bridge with the community not set up barriers of hatred and distrust. The pride parade started as a protestt to the police busts of spas. It morphed into an opportunity for gays to connect to many of us police included. Now its been hijacked by bigots with exclusivity agendas and using their left wing status to justify their bigoted assumptions about police, Jews, Conservatives.

Gay culture is not necessarily about g strings and butt cheeks. Its about humour, art, expressive arts explaining the collective identity and anghst of gays and how they have overcome insecurity, shame, stereotypes like every other minority.

As a Jew I get gays. They have the same self effacing humour and ability to turn deep depressive anxiety and self doubt into strength through creative expression They  created a collective nation just like we Jews have done with Israel only their nation is a series of nations similar to aboriginal nations connected by a holistic concept. I like it. Its been a positive force in rebuilding inner cities and on fundraising for many diseases not just aids. Its a network that has helped as many straights as it has gays when it comes to poverty, mental illness, sexual trauma and violence.

All that said how such a small group of haters have hijacked it I do not get. To me when it allowed Black Lives Matters and specific anti Jewish anti Israel hate groups to dominate it, it singled the end to inclusivity and welcoming all and that is a shame. That is why I strongly agree with Kimmy. I myself have worked with some good people in the gay community who have assisted us in the legal system with run aways on the streets, sexually abused minors, fighting the organized child sex and teenager prostitution issues. I know how well organized and insightful the community can be at mobilizing the streets to find a child or help track down a suspect.

I will leave it at that.
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