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Re: The Wreck of BC
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Where does the KXL go again?

you already replied to my earlier post... why are you asking again? This earlier post:

no - as intended for U.S. Gulf Coast Refineries... for principally Asian/South Pacific export... KXL price projections reflect upon the price for tar sludge significantly narrowing the current price gap to the U.S. benchmark. As it stands, Trans Canada states it has secured 2/3 of the 830,000 bbd KXL expansion (on 20 year contract commitments from Gulf Coast shippers).

but by all means - step-up and actually substantiate one of your statements (it will certainly be your first!)... show something that states/projects that tarsands sludge via KXL to the Gulf Coast (for export to Asia/South Pacific) will price at the current deep discount level relative to the U.S. benchmark. Sure you can!