Author Topic: The Wreck of BC  (Read 4946 times)

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Re: The Wreck of BC
« Reply #780 on: April 19, 2018, 08:01:12 pm »
no; unless you have a mega-scoop to suggest Trans Canada's KXL won't get built... again:
notwithstanding, of course, U.S. multi-nationals effectively control the level of excess Canadian/Alberta supply... the glut of which effectively positions Canada within that current discount play.

I've put it up a couple of times now... highlighting just what KXL will mean for the tarsands - emphasizing that Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain isn't the only pipeline capacity increase to factor. I'm shocked, shocked I tells ya, no one wants to recognize Alberta already has a pipeline gain/win even before considerations of TM - shocked I tells ya!

Where does the KXL go again?
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