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Re: The Wreck of BC
« Reply #780 on: April 19, 2018, 07:49:41 pm »
Alberta has no alternative to selling to the US at a discount because BC and Central Canada block their access to any other markets and Central Canada would rather pay world price to some of the armpits of the world than buy it from Canadians.

no; unless you have a mega-scoop to suggest Trans Canada's KXL won't get built... again:
no - as intended for U.S. Gulf Coast Refineries... for principally Asian/South Pacific export... KXL price projections reflect upon the price for tar sludge significantly narrowing the current price gap to the U.S. benchmark. As it stands, Trans Canada states it has secured 2/3 of the 830,000 bbd KXL expansion (on 20 year contract commitments from Gulf Coast shippers).

notwithstanding, of course, U.S. multi-nationals effectively control the level of excess Canadian/Alberta supply... the glut of which effectively positions Canada within that current discount play.

I've put it up a couple of times now... highlighting just what KXL will mean for the tarsands - emphasizing that Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain isn't the only pipeline capacity increase to factor. I'm shocked, shocked I tells ya, no one wants to recognize Alberta already has a pipeline gain/win even before considerations of TM - shocked I tells ya!