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Re: The Wreck of BC
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So where was the plan to build a pipeline east and refine Canadian oil for Canadian consumption instead of taxing Alberta’s oil in order to buy foreign oil?

I suggest you quit showcasing your ignorance of the subject; in its short time frame, the NEP was a most successful program.  Its changes/incentives allowed Canada to effectively become self-sufficient in oil production... Canadian ownership of the industry was expanded rapidly (to 41% by 1984), federal petroleum revenues grew significantly, and a pan-Canadian price was maintained.

get off the NEP malcontent talking point bandwagon and spend a few cycles in actually reviewing what the NEP was able to accomplish in a very short period of (essentially) 3-to-4 years... before Lougheed and Mulroney effectively dismantled it to position Canada and Canadian ownership as nothing more than aspects for the U.S. multi-nationals to manipulate and leverage for their self-determination and gain. You keep harping on about the discount price of Alberta oil relative to the U.S. benchmark - you can thank Mulroney and the iterative shifts within FTA to NAFTA for that. Mexico refused to go along with joining/integrating into the so-called continental market... it will be most interesting to realize what this current Trump initiated NAFTA do-over does (if anything) to the energy provisions of the FTA and NAFTA that currently run contrary to Canada’s interests.

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