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Re: Terror attack in Edmonton
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Some conclusions from a Corrections Canada study on visible minorities in the prison system:
--Visible minority offenders tend to be younger and less often single than Caucasian offenders.
--They are more educated and more often employed upon admission to the correctional facility.
--A larger proportion of visible minority than Caucasian offenders are incarcerated for drug-related offences.
--Smaller proportions are incarcerated for other offences, such as property offences and sex-related offences.
--Visible minority offenders have less extensive criminal histories than Caucasian offenders.
--Visible minority offenders tend to be lower risk to re-offend.

The paper in this link is 59 pages worth of someone's study of immigrant crime.  The author's conclusion is that crime rate goes down in neighborhoods where immigrants settle.

An article summarizing studies done on both the States and Canada showing that first-generation immigrants are very law-abiding - much more so than non-immigrants; second generation immigrants trend toward non-immigrant crime rates.  (This article is a bit long, but interesting).

Another study about immigrant youth and crime, more focused on risk factors and protective factors, but again notes that immigrant youth are not more likely to be involved in crime than non-immigrant youth.