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Re: Terror attack in Edmonton
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We may see the political play on this today.  And that will inform us on Sheer's likely approach on immigration moving forward.

ON the reality side, this is a complete failure of the system of course.

The reality side? What an odd place for anyone but a conservative to want to be. Yes, its a complete failure. It's a complete failure that thousands more Somalians have been coming across the border to claim refugee status this summer, half of them with serious criminal records, but none of them has been locked up to be immediately deported. It's a complete failure of the system that half the Haitians who have applied and been granted a hearing have won their cases.  The refugee determination system is a joke. Almost none of the people who apply are refugees by any reasonable standard. That especially includes those crossing the border from the US. Few will ever be productive citizens and even fewer will ever wind up paying much, if any taxes. Yet they represent a sizable percentage of our immigration every year. And, to what I assume is no one's surprise, our acceptance rate for refugees shot up last year, the first full year under the Liberals. It's now up to 66%. So we shrug and accept 2/3rds of the people who apply. The rates were about 38% under the tories. The success rate for Somalians is now 72%. They have the system down pat by now and know exactly what stories to tell (no evidence is ever required).  And hell  the guy in charge is a Somalian refugee!

As to the cost of bringing in tens of thousands of people every year, mostly Muslim, few of which have any kind of education, technical or language skills - you're not supposed to even ask.
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