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Re: Separatism Culture
« on: December 13, 2018, 09:48:31 am »
People are furious about what?  Oil prices? 

The ongoing failure of the government to get a pipeline built.

The latest outrage is sparked by this:

New Brunswick's premier approaches Quebec's premier regarding a pipeline to Eastern Canada, and Quebec's premier says "le no. Le dirty oil is unacceptable to us."

And then Quebec turns around and accepts a $1.4 billion boost to their equalization take.  They happily accept all the money the national economy puts into Quebec, but they don't give a **** about helping care for the national economy that provides it to them.

The Trudeau govít  bought the damn pipeline!  But letís blame them for....  something!  (Drama teacher!!!)  ::)

Notley never had a chance....   It was a fluke win.  It seems Albertans are only happy when the PCs are slashing welfare motherís cheques and sending children to work in the mines (tar sands??)   

The pipeline will go ahead eventually, once the proper consultations have completed.   The oil isnít going anywhere...   in fact, production was cut by government.

The pipeline will eventually clear this hurdle, at which point Horgan and Weaver will just start flinging more lawsuits at it.

Whining about separating from Canada is a bit much to take though.  And, given Albertanís disdain for Quebec separatism, itís monumentally hypocritical.

   Take your ball and go already....

Separatism isn't a mainstream sentiment in Alberta.  But anger is.  If Horgan and Weaver can file lawsuit after lawsuit against the pipeline expansion, Kenney and friends will certainly not feel guilty about using "every tool in the toolbox" to battle carbon taxes and equalization and anything else they can think of to punch the federal government in the face.  That's what voters are in the mood for right now.

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