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Re: Separatism Culture
« on: December 13, 2018, 09:34:41 am »
care to comment on what would have happened if the Liberal government hadn't stepped in with a purchase?

Certainly Canadians are now proud owners of a 65 year old pipeline that generates $300 million a year in revenue. That doesn't actually get an expansion built.

By the by - just how were said consultations, "f**cked up"?

In 2016, Judge Eleanor Dawson overturned the Northern Gateway approval citing the inadequate consultation process and outlining the court's opinion of what's required. Apparently Trudeau and friends didn't bother to actually read her ruling, because Dawson delivered the exact same ruling 2 years later, citing the exact same deficiencies.

The first time was understandable because the rules were unclear. But Dawson spelled out what was required and they went and **** it up anyway.

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