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Re: Separatism Culture
« on: December 13, 2018, 09:31:11 am »
Logic!  LOL. Assumptions...   it depends on our arrangement with the new country of Alberta...  Maybe they’d like to use our ports...   

And if Canada is subdividable, then so is Alberta....   First Nations still have Canadian Constitutional rights....   you think they want to take their chances with a conservative Alberta?  Why wouldn’t they stick with Canada?

The problem right now is BC trying to deny Alberta the use of its ports. There is no reason to think an independent Alberta wouldn’t have more leverage.

That’s what I am saying. Just telling Alta too bad ,you are land locked  and we don’t need you is just stupid, B C would need Alberta just as much as it would need us. Do you really want to open up that Constitutional can of worms? If Alta is subdividable so is ROC including B.C.
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