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Re: Separatism Culture
« on: December 13, 2018, 12:26:31 am »
Alberta talks about separating from Canada once again....  and it's as stupid as ever!

Good luck with a pipeline when you're a landlocked country.

They have a boom/bust resource economy that didn't put any money away for future busts and they want to blame a Trudeau...   they can't blame the old one anymore though.  Although, many still do...   like the dead guy is responsible for oil prices.  Then they blame transfer payments...   not realizing that Harper and Kenney were in gov't for 11 years and thought they were a great idea.

Go already.  Bon chance!

Wouldnít really matter. An independent Alberta really could cut BC off from the rest of Canada. That would make the Port of Vancouver redundant as the ROC would find it more convenient to ship from Seattle. BC would have no choice but to come to some sort of arrangement with Alta and so would the ROC.
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