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Re: Separatism Culture
« on: December 12, 2018, 08:03:44 pm »
Alberta talks about separating from Canada once again....  and it's as stupid as ever!

Good luck with a pipeline when you're a landlocked country.

They have a boom/bust resource economy that didn't put any money away for future busts and they want to blame a Trudeau...   they can't blame the old one anymore though.  Although, many still do...   like the dead guy is responsible for oil prices.  Then they blame transfer payments...   not realizing that Harper and Kenney were in gov't for 11 years and thought they were a great idea.

Go already.  Bon chance!

People are furious.  What else did you expect?

Trudeau and McKenna handed the premiership of Alberta to Jason Kenney when they **** up the consultations for the Trans Mountain expansion.  With a pipeline, Notley would have had a fighting chance, but with the pipeline now on ice for the foreseeable future, a UCP win is guaranteed.

Alberta voters are going to give Kenney an overwhelming mandate to take a gas can and a torch to anything and everything he can-- Trudeau's national carbon plan and equalization payments will be at the top of the list-- because they're in a fighting mood and want fighting politics right now.

Notley tried "social license" and building an alliance with the federal government, and objectively, that approach has been a failure. People want a more combative approach now, and Kenney will happily oblige when he is premier.  This is going to get ugly, just as anybody with an ounce of sense knew it would.

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