Author Topic: Safe Injection Sites in Ontario and the Idea of 'Evidence'  (Read 650 times)

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40% of people drop out after a few meetings
You don't judge a treatment based on the number of people that refuse to follow the treatment plan. So based on your stats 23% of people who actually try the program are sober after 5 years which is pretty good. But even then such stats are misleading because someone may relapse 3 times after 1 year before "getting it" and achieving long term sobriety. How would those kinds of examples fit into the data you quoted?

I also question 20-45% for modern clinics if these numbers are provided by clinics that seek to be paid for treatment. There is a strong incentive to define success in ways that make the clinics look as good as possible while minimizing the benefit of free programs.

More importantly, I don't believe there is any 'magic bullet' out there are all treatment programs have poor success rates but I doubt any can come close to competing with AA/NA on % success/dollar spent.

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