Author Topic: Safe Injection Sites in Ontario and the Idea of 'Evidence'  (Read 1842 times)

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Remember it is mainly a Christian program with little research behind it.
1) People figured stuff out by trial and error for the the last 6000 years. Formal research is not a requirement for knowledge to be correct.
2) It is not Christian. It is spiritual. There is a huge difference. The AA literature has specific suggestions for how an atheist can adopt the program to help them.

here are other addiction programs with higher success rate.
And how many of those are free and available to anyone with a desire to access at any time? The ones I have seen are expensive and their claims are likely biased by the desire to attract customers.

In any case, AA/NA gets more people clean and sober simply because more people have access to the program so a lower success rate (even if it is true) still means a larger number of people are helped. That is good for addicts and good for society.

The real competition however is not solving the addiction but at least keeping people alive and relatively healthy and minimizing the impact on others;
Addicts have specific behaviors and enabling and addict is known to prolong an addiction. This is an accepted fact among addiction professionals.