Author Topic: Safe Injection Sites in Ontario and the Idea of 'Evidence'  (Read 631 times)

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It prevents them from overdosing or getting AIDS so they live longer to continue their addiction.
I can't believe how ignorant you guys are about what addiction is. If someone has an addict in the family he first thing any professional will tell the person is about the importance of not enabling the addict because enabling the addict can discourage the addict from seeking help:

Enabling is one of the key aspects of addiction and substance abuse. Many people who struggle with addiction find that they have a close relationship with a person who enables them to deny that they have a problem with drugs or alcohol. This dysfunctional relationship also allows them to ignore and be disconnected from the consequences of their behavior An enabler will provide emotional and financial support, help them to hide their addiction, fund their addiction and even make excuses for their problems. The addict knows that there is always someone there to help them, even if they permit the most hurtful, painful and even criminal acts.

Enabling addiction can have disastrous consequences. Health problems, financial ruin, relationship breakdown, injuries and incarceration are all very real outcomes of a persons drug or alcohol addiction. Allowing a person to continue to abuse alcohol and drugs without any repercussions can mean that they will not face up to their problems and addiction until it is too late.
So enabling an addict *is* a serious concern and SIS are a type of enabling and will result in more addicts delay facing their problems. The question is how to balance the lives saves by preventing overdose vs. the lives destroyed by keeping the addict comfortable with their addiction. It is delusional to pretend this trade off does not exist.

More from the op:
Enabling is borne out of good intentions, love and care for another person however it has disastrous consequences. An enabler means well by their actions, but their actions simply prolong the consequences of an addicts behavior.
IOW, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
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