Author Topic: Safe Injection Sites in Ontario and the Idea of 'Evidence'  (Read 630 times)

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FIVE mentions of evidence,

Premier Dug wants to review the evidence before closing SIS's.  Christine Elliot says she's reviewing evidence. Andrea Horvath says the evidence shows they work.  Expert-guy from an advocacy group says there's overwhelming evidence they work.

The article is about whether the Ontario PCs close safe injection sites, not whether SIS's actually work.  Hence a bunch of politicians referring to evidence.  Some politicians say they are basing their decision on closing SIS's on what they find when they look at "the evidence".  Other politicians are claiming that "the evidence" shows closing SIS's would be a bad decision.  I think those politicians might have more success in making their case making a specific claim like "it's been proven that SIS's save lives" or "it's been proven that SIS's safe money in the long term."  Referring to "the evidence" to support your claim without actually saying what it is just sounds like an appeal to authority type argument... citing the view of unspecified "experts" is the kind of thing that rubs voters the wrong way.

Claiming that SIS's "work" is not a compelling argument if you don't even define what "working" actually means in this context.  Specific claims to demonstrate what good SIS's have been demonstrated to do in other communities would be helpful in convincing voters they are valuable.

"Working" in this context could have numerous meanings.  It could mean:
 -saving lives
 -saving money
 -getting people into treatment programs to get off drugs

Providing specific reasons why safe injection sites are good is a lot more persuasive than telling people that anonymous experts think they're good.  If you're inclined to think that SIS's are just a comfortable spot for deadbeats to get high, then maybe you're not inclined to care whether they "work" or not.  If you tell people specific things that will be achieved, they're more likely to support your position.

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